About PrivacyBox

PrivacyBox, the secure cloud storage, will launch in autumn 2015. Our company is based in Berlin and was founded in 2014 by IT Security Experts Jan Münnich and Jan Suhr. PrivacyBox has a team of skilled programmers and server administrators as well as the experience brought by partner companies dotplex, publicgarden and Nitrokey.



Jan Münnich has more than ten years of professional experience in internet security. He is the founder of web hosting company dotplex and works as a consultant for secure server solutions and web applications.



Jan Suhr is a qualified computer scientist, working professionally in the areas of IT security and IT architecture for the last eight years. Before founding Nitrokey (formerly Crypto Stick) and PrivacyBox he worked in several countries as a senior consultant for a large international business consultancy.

publicgarden is a design and internet agency established in Berlin more than ten years ago. With experience in developing large web applications and user-friendly interface designs publicgarden is the ideal partner for PrivacyBox.


Since 2005 dotplex has offered professional web hosting and server solutions for companies with high security demands. As one of the first providers worldwide, dotplex launched a webhosting product for consumers with DNSSEC and DANE support for secure email transmission.


Berlin based startup Nitrokey develops innovative USB devices for data encryption and protection of user accounts. The products are made for both business and personal use. Nitrokey’s focus is on simplicity, open source and high security.