Do you feel less secure online after the Edward Snowden leaks?
We do!
That's why we developed


The secure cloud storage

PrivacyBox allows you to store your data in the cloud to the highest security standards. To protect your sensitive information and your privacy, our technology encrypts your data before it is uploaded to the cloud.

PrivacyBox enables you to share and synchronise your documents, photos and videos securely with your team, family or friends – with no storage limits.


Get access to all your photos, videos, music and documents anywhere and anytime

History feature allows you to revert to previous versions of your files

Easy-to-use PrivacyBox software for Windows, Mac and Linux

Iris Kathmann, architect

As an architect I need easy access to my project files, often when I’m on site. My team regularly works with very large amounts of data. PrivacyBox’s unlimited storage convinced us straight away!


All data is encrypted before being uploaded (end-to-end encryption)

Servers are physically located in Germany

Privacy conscious cloud solution

Michael Seidlitz, lawyer

In my profession I have to work with a lot of sensitive data. As one of the first testers of PrivacyBox I’ve learned to greatly appreciate it.


Secure collaboration with individual access control settings

Work from any location

No need for your own server (Enterprise in-house solutions available on request)

VELT.CH, Contemporary Men's Shoes

We are an international company with several locations in Zurich and Berlin. Counterfeiting of merchandise is a sensitive topic. That’s why we need to handle our data flexibly and securely.


Use Nitrokey with PrivacyBox to get additional security (optional)

100% open source

Get a free Nitrokey with your PrivacyBox subscription

Rico Grimm, investigative journalist

I travelled to Morocco this summer and needed to get some sensitive work photos through several police controls. In this case Nitrokey and PrivacyBox are perfect because you get a real chance to pass strict controls.